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  • Polarity is destiny.
    Cai L, Mostov K.
    Cell. 2009 Nov 13;139(4):660-2. [PMID:19914162]
  • Coronin 1B antagonizes cortactin and remodels Arp2/3-containing actin branches in lamellipodia.
    Cai L, Makhov AM, Schafer DA, Bear JE.
    Cell. 2008 Sep 5;134(5):828-42. [PMID:18775315]
  • Coronin 1B coordinates Arp2/3 complex and cofilin activities at the leading edge.
    Cai L, Marshall TW, Uetrecht AC, Schafer DA, Bear JE.
    Cell. 2007 Mar 9;128(5):915-29. [PMID:17350576]

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