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We share a common vision that even a little scientific progress will make the world healthier.

principal investigator Liang Cai LC image on
page at Life Sci. (Fudan)
lab manager Li-zhen Qiu qlz image on I am responsible for much of the day to day operation, safely and efficiently.
you? We are recruting. We welcome highly self-motivated individuals to join us. Please feel free to visit us or contact us.


previous positionname姓名departure incurrent status
technician Cai-wen Zhou 周采文 2012/10 lab manager
studied for 1 year Nan Mou 牟男 2013/10 industry
technician Yuan Xu 徐源 2014/5 abroad
undergraduate Tian-qi Chen 陈天骐 2014/6 graduate student
Major in Biophysics
KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
undergraduate Li Wang 王丽 2014/6 graduate student
Department of Biochemistry
University of Hong Kong
undergraduate Jun Chen 陈珺 2014/11 graduate student
University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, USA
graduate student (master degree) Shu-zhong Cao 曹淑中 2014/12 took a job in a hospital
undergraduate Yi-tong Xu 徐艺彤 2014/10 graduate student
Pennsylvania State University, USA
undergraduate Tian-hao Zhang 张天昊 2014/11 graduate student
University of California, Los Angeles, USA
studied for 2.5 years Xiao-li Zhang 张晓丽 2015/4 graduate student
School of Engineering and Materials Science
Queen Mary, University of London, UK
graduate student (master degree) Long-fang Yao 姚龙芳 2015/11 graduate student
Department of Optical Science and Engineering
Fudan University
undergraduate Cheng-hui Xiao 肖承辉 2016/5 industry
postdoc Shuan Zhao 赵栓 2017/5 Fudan Zhongshan Hospital, research position
undergraduate Yan Xiong 熊妍 2017/5 graduate student
Baylor University, USA
undergraduate Ling-hua Zhang 张凌华 2017/5 graduate student
Johns Hopkins University, USA
undergraduate Wei-qi Hu 胡玮琦 2017/5 graduate student
School of Life Sciences
Fudan University
undergraduate Ye-fan Hu 胡叶凡 2017/11 graduate student
University of Hong Kong
undergraduate Chen Hu 胡辰 2018/7 MD program
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
undergraduate Yi-yang Zhang 张义扬 2018/7 industry
undergraduate Zhi-hai Zhang 张智海 2018/7 graduate student
University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, USA
graduate student Hua-cong Ouyang 欧阳华聪 2018/12 industry
undergraduate Zhi-hong Li 李志闳 2019/4 master degree student
University of Queensland, Australia
graduate student Jie Wang 王洁 2019/6 academic
undergraduate Zi-yan Yu 禹紫烟 2019/7 graduate student
University of Pennsylvania, USA
undergraduate Jing-yi Hu 胡婧怡 2020/7 graduate student
Cornell University, USA
graduate student Li Zhou 周黎 2020/12 industry
undergraduate Rong-rong Du 杜容瑢 2021/5 graduate student
Caltech, USA
undergraduate Zi-jie Yang 杨子杰 2021/6 graduate student
Westlake University, China
undergraduate Kai-yi Ju 居开億 2021/6 industry