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Updated on 2016-7-5

Please read the entire page carefully and only apply current open positions. All applicants please follow this link http://goo.gl/MVms5 to submit your application. If you cannot access the online form, please fill this file and email it to we AT actin.cn.

请仔细阅读本页信息,不合要求的申请不会得到我们的任何反馈。 申请人请填写 在线表格 http://goo.gl/MVms5 进行相关职位的申请。 如果您无法访问在线表格,请填写 职位申请表 然后电邮 we AT actin.cn。谢谢!

Undergraduate Student

We have opportunities for undergraduate students laboratory practice.


Graduate Student

Positions are available for graduate students.



We are interested in recruiting ambitious and highly motivated postdoctoral fellows to study basic cell biology questions using live-cell imaging, in vitro reconstitution and/or three dimensional cell culture. Candidates should contact Liang directly. Current minimum salary for a postdoctoral fellow is 100,000 RMB per year for two years, which can be extended for two more years. Additional financial support is available for exceptional candidates.



Technician positions at level A/C are immediately available in this laboratory at Fudan University (Shanghai). Highly motivated individuals are encouraged to apply. Bachelor's degree in biological sciences, chemistry, physics or computer science is preferred. Please read through the lab policies before applying.




  • A类:独立开展研究及相关成果的整理,参与学院和学校的年终考核
  • B类:辅助实验室成员开展实验(研究方向按个人喜好而定)
  • C类:协助实验室的日常运转


  • A类:有海外博士学历,曾以第一作者发表文章(累计IF>10),有丰富的 生物化学、小鼠发育或小鼠遗传学 研究经历者优先
  • B类:本科及以上学历,生物、物理、化学或计算机背景;应届本科生优先;有 细胞生物学、分子生物学或生物化学 实验经验者优先
  • C类:高中及专科学历
  • 有较好的计算机操作能力(C类不做要求)
  • 有较好的英语水平
  • 有团队合作精神
  • 有极强的上进心,做事细心