My recent thoughts and practice in undergraduate teaching

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undergraduate teaching

Employ flipped classroom teaching in General Biology

In a time with rich and easily accessible information, the author believes that the undergraduate lecture course General Biology teaching should focus on the construction of knowledge framework, should focus on practicing students' innovative thinking and cultivating the scientific research interest, but not explaining in detail ...

Notes from An Addiction to Education at All Levels

alberts note

by Bruce Alberts, 2016

active, inquiry-based science learning

engaging with budding scientists

I learned that one should always make students struggle with a problem that was solved by a scientific discovery, coming up with their own possible answers, before telling them the answer that science provides. Classroom research with ...

From The Synapse: Abandon the Lecture Room

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How soon, unaccountable, I became tired and sick;
Till rising and gliding out, I wander’d off by myself,
… Walt Whitman 1865

Despite our current deep knowledge of how people learn, efforts to change up pedagogy have met with little success. Mostly, we continue to teach as we have taught for years

Each ...

Micro-Manager Metadata Viewer

This post title is very self-explained.

You can check it out from my gist mm-json.html.

mm metadata viewer

Arduino UNO control OBIS under its Digital Trigger mode

It is done. With less modules controlled by Micro-Manager, the system loads faster and more stable.

Notes during the whole process: