Just another year

Many things happened, but not written down.

Please feel free to ask me when you see me.

Micro-Manager Metadata Viewer

This post title is very self-explained.

You can check it out from my gist mm-json.html.

mm metadata viewer

Arduino UNO control OBIS under its Digital Trigger mode

It is done. With less modules controlled by Micro-Manager, the system loads faster and more stable.

Notes during the whole process:

crispr scanner

First, get ots_server running, which is from htgt/CRISPR-Analyser. Install Web Blat is recommended but not required.

Second, download crispr.html from my Gist, and download a copy of jquery-2.1.1.min.js. Put both files in the same folder.

Third and final step, open crispr.html with a modern browser (no IE<9 support).


image on actin.cn

Above is an ...

we moved, again?

Long over due...

  • Packing last for a day (9AM to 11PM)
  • Relocation last for a day (8:30AM to 11:30PM), by a five-ton truck and 6 strong men

image on actin.cn

image on actin.cn

... come and visit us~~ xoxo