Arduino UNO control OBIS under its Digital Trigger mode

It is done. With less modules controlled by Micro-Manager, the system loads faster and more stable.

Notes during the whole process:

crispr scanner

First, get ots_server running, which is from htgt/CRISPR-Analyser. Install Web Blat is recommended but not required.

Second, download crispr.html from my Gist, and download a copy of jquery-2.1.1.min.js. Put both files in the same folder.

Third and final step, open crispr.html with a modern browser (no IE<9 support).


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Above is an ...

we moved, again?

Long over due...

  • Packing last for a day (9AM to 11PM)
  • Relocation last for a day (8:30AM to 11:30PM), by a five-ton truck and 6 strong men

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... come and visit us~~ xoxo

a recent interview by qiushi

Interviewed by Yeqin Ma (Qiu Shi Science and Technologies Foundation)

Here is the link.

cooking the rabbit

In this hot summer, the rabbit is being cooked in the lab. The Andor engineer just left, and here is what we have.

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Waiting for the Olympus engineer to tune the ZDC2 and laser TIRF. Stay calm!

By the way, below is what it was in my office couple days ago, just too many boxes...

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And, the major components of ...