cooking the rabbit

In this hot summer, the rabbit is being cooked in the lab. The Andor engineer just left, and here is what we have.

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Waiting for the Olympus engineer to tune the ZDC2 and laser TIRF. Stay calm!

By the way, below is what it was in my office couple days ago, just too many boxes...

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And, the major components of the RABBIT

  • Coherent LSO-02564 405nm 100mW
  • Coherent Sapphire LSO-03116 488nm 100mW
  • Cobolt Jive 561nm 100mW
  • Coherent Cube LSO-03371 640nm 100mW
  • Spectra X
  • CSU X M2N
  • Prior Stage P200-XYZ
  • Sutter 10-3
  • Olympus scope IX81S1F3, IX2-ZDC2