the day before the time lapse scope being installed

I call this scope "the Turtle"

  • Sutter Lambda XL
  • Sutter 10-3 with SmartShutter and filter wheel
  • Andor DU-885K
  • Olympus IX81-ZDC2
  • Prior ProScan H117E2IX
  • Tokai Hit INUBSF-ZILCS
  • Tokai Hit GM-2000E

first contaminated plate in the lab

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These were made free of any antibiotics.

And, I left them open in the hood for too long...


the lab has many things in it now

Now waiting for the cells, and the people back from the summer vacation...

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the empty temporarily lab space

This space is being used until the new building in Jiangwan is ready.

The following photos were taken a month ago, and posted here on 6-7-2012.

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lab policies

All lab members are expected to attend the weekly lab meeting and occasional special meetings, such as meeting reviews and invited talks, on time. If you miss lab business, you are still responsible for items that were discussed. All lab meeting presentations should be placed on the server in appropriate folders.

实验室所有成员都要准时参加每周一次的组会和不定期的特别会议(例如,工作总结会和邀请报告)。如果你错过了实验室职责分工的讨论(一般每学期一次),你仍需要负责所指派的项目。所有的会议汇报应放在服务器上相应的文件夹 ...