expectations from new members

All new members are expected to finish the following tasks in a month (under the supervision of the PI)

  • prepare a batch of chemical competent cells (competence >1E+8)

  • make a new construct by PCR based cut-paste approach and sequencing verified (including designing primers, PCR, mini-prep, DNA digestion, DNA gel electrophoresis, etc)

  • make an RNAi construct and sequencing verified (including ...

positions available

Updated on 2020-8-9

Please read the entire page carefully and only apply current open positions. All applicants please follow this link http://goo.gl/MVms5 to submit your application. If you cannot access the online form, please fill this file and email it to we AT actin.cn.

请仔细阅读本页信息,不合要求的申请不会得到我们的任何反馈。 申请人请填写 在线表格 http://goo.gl/MVms5 进行相关职位的申请。 如果您无法访问在线表格,请填写 职位申请表 ...