fix and stained cells on 2D surface

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1 cell

lab policies

All lab members are expected to attend the weekly lab meeting and occasional special meetings, such as meeting reviews and invited talks, on time. If you miss lab business, you are still responsible for items that were discussed. All lab meeting presentations should be placed on the server in appropriate folders.

实验室所有成员都要准时参加每周一次的组会和不定期的特别会议(例如,工作总结会和邀请报告)。如果你错过了实验室职责分工的讨论(一般每学期一次),你仍需要负责所指派的项目。所有的会议汇报应放在服务器上相应的文件夹 ...

expectations from new members

All new members are expected to finish the following tasks in a month (under the supervision of the PI)

  • prepare a batch of chemical competent cells (competence >1E+8)

  • make a new construct by PCR based cut-paste approach and sequencing verified (including designing primers, PCR, mini-prep, DNA digestion, DNA gel electrophoresis, etc)

  • make an RNAi construct and sequencing verified (including ...

positions available

Updated on 2020-8-9

Please read the entire page carefully and only apply current open positions. All applicants please follow this link to submit your application. If you cannot access the online form, please fill this file and email it to we AT

请仔细阅读本页信息,不合要求的申请不会得到我们的任何反馈。 申请人请填写 在线表格 进行相关职位的申请。 如果您无法访问在线表格,请填写 职位申请表 ...

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